While it's not really my strength physically, the team time trial is my favourite kind of race. (Although, it's also potentially frustrating!) If the team can get the strategy and technique correct, each rider can give all they've got, resulting in a satisfyingly fast ride. Maybe even a win, like on this day.

Back in my amateur days of sports nutrition. Looks like I've organised myself a bottle of plain water at the feed zone. Why?? It's not like I needed to make Mt Baw Baw any harder than it was already going to be after racing for 3 hours with 2000m of climbing.

It's hard to compare results from different races - which result was "best"? At least on paper, this is probably my most impressive-sounding result: 7th in a J-Tour (Japan National Series) race - The Fuji Azami Line Hill Climb: 11km @ 10% up Mt Fuji.

My first triathlon, early 2018. The swim went perfectly - I did not drown. (I was a good swimmer in primary school, but had barely swum - apart from body surfing - since.) Feeling much more at home here on the bike, despite the sleeveless top...

Shuffling across the line to end my first triathlon. (ahem.. ah.. take off 10 mins for my race time, btw.) Cyclists aren't known for their running prowess - different action, and what's with all that pounding?? I coped pretty well until about 3km to go, when my ITB no longer agreed. Bit of a drive out to Goondiwindi, but a great event. Do it!

I've been racing with the CCN Australia team since 2018. Was great fun doing the Queensland Road Team Series. (Although I'm probably biased in my assessment of it being fun, since we won both the overall individual classification and the team classification.) Anyway, it's cool that we have this series where we can employ some proper team tactics.

Except for the sprinters, it's a rare rider that makes it onto bunch race podiums with high frequency, and for the rest of us, it's rare to get on the podium. I'm probably  lucky I have a clear strength - climbing - rather than being an all-rounder. That gets me there occasionally.

If you have no idea what Zwift is... it's a computer game that you play (just ride, do interval sessions, or race against other people around the world) by pedalling your bike on a stationary trainer. A lot of cyclists think it's weird, and say they would rather ride outside in the wind and rain. I'm semi-addicted.

"Eating and drinking and riding practice" was the title of my ride on Strava: practising for the Grafton to Inverell race. Turns out I needed practice at riding in unexpectedly freezing cold weather.

On the way down from the summit of Mt Fuji. We climbed overnight - around 6 hours for the top third of the mountain from the bus stop - at a leisurely pace - to watch the sun rise, as is the done thing. Looks like it would have been a cloudy morning down on Earth.

Mt Fuji - a big pile of rocks. There is no "rock climbing" as such - it's just a hike - but there sure are plenty of rocks. There are some people on the trail, slightly lower left of centre, for some scale.

11 years in Japan, I'd already seen 100 (-ish) temples and shrines.. why would I want to go to Kyoto - a city (meh) full of temples and shrines (meh)?? "But I guess I'd better check it out before I leave." Loved it. Maybe it was the fact that I was so familiar with Japan by then that its charm made such an impression on me. ..And autumn was a great time to go.

Just a random bit of coastline a couple of hours from Tokyo, on Izu peninsula. The onsen (hot spring bath) right on the beach was very relaxing. (Although an outdoor hot spring in the snow was always my favourite.)

A typical Japanese less-than-beautiful "river" near my place on the outskirts of Tokyo. The cherry blossoms (white / light pink) and plum blossoms (bright pink) aren't bad though. And a decent bike path, mostly continuous for about 60km to Tokyo Bay.

Type II fun. Cycle touring over the New Year break in Japan. Yes, it was winter, but it wasn't supposed to snow in this, one of the warmest areas of Japan.

A fairly typical dinner in a ryokan (traditional Japanese hotel), served in your room. Typical except it's lacking beer... but we were racing the next day. Interestingly, breakfast wouldn't look a whole lot different.

There are lots of Japanese foods that I claim are my favourite. Here is one: okonomiyaki - "whatever you like, cooked." It's a savoury pancake, but way more interesting than that sounds.

When I was in Japan, one of my most common breakfasts was canned sardines on rice. This particular brand. I've tried a few brands here, but I'm yet to find a matching taste, much to my dismay. Yummy, I promise!

This curry roux does pretty well if you want an authentic-tasting Japanese curry at home. Chicken katsu curry is another dish that I claim to be my favourite. This one I made is minus the katsu.

My food of the moment #1: Banana & PB overnight oats. It's so weird how much I look forward to getting home from a morning ride to get this bowl of cold mush in my mouth. Mashed banana, honey, peanut butter, cinnamon. Mix. + 1/3 cup oats, 1/2 cup milk. Mix. In fridge overnight. Seriously yummy.

My food of the moment #1.5: Banana & PB smoothie. The liquid version of that bowl of cold mush. Chuck the same ingredients in a blender, with less oats, more milk, frozen banana ideally, and blend. I've used actual peanuts recently instead of peanut butter - possibly an improvement (if that was possible).

My food of the moment #2: Gwen Jorgensen's husband's risotto. Chicken, green stuff, veggies, tomato... Too long to explain. Here's a video.

Is it weird that a guy eats Special K? It's always been marketed at women, but I like it! They stepped it up in 2018 pointing out the nutrients it has that women need. The recommended intakes for 5 of these 9 nutrients are higher for men than for women. Only calcium and iron are higher for women, but even then, only in certain age brackets.

That's not me. I'm behind the camera. That's Kei Nishikori at the Australian Open. But back in my school days I wanted that to be me. I played an awful lot of tennis back then. Playing a lot of tennis was as close as I got to that being me.