Consultation Types & Fees

What to expect in a consultation:

The most important thing for me to know is simply why you've come to see me, so the consultation will generally start with me asking a lot of questions, and doing a lot of listening as you tell me your story. I will ask about your medical history and lifestyle, as far as they relate to diet. If appropriate and desired (by you), I will take your body weight and/or other measurements of your body. I will get you to explain your current diet to me in some detail, and assess it in relation to your goals. I will also point out other opportunities I see to improve the quality of your diet (which may involve related aspects of your lifestyle). I will explain the mechanisms behind how changing your diet can help achieve your desired outcome. (And feel free to ask me questions along the way!) Then together*, we can set some specific goals for you to focus on.

*Sports and some medical-related nutrition strategies will, at least initially, usually involve a more prescriptive approach, where I make specific recommendations for you to trial.

If it's your first time to see a dietitian, rest assured, we are not here to judge you. We are here to help you achieve your goals. "Oh! Don't eat that in front of the dietitian!" is always disappointing to hear, even if it's just a joke.

Initial Consultation - 55 mins - $110

Initial Sports Consultation with Skinfold Assessment - 70 mins - $130

Review Consultation - 25 mins - $60

Review Consultation with Skinfold Assessment - 40 mins - $80

Skinfold Assessment only - 15 mins - $30


Private health insurance often covers dietetics. Whether you are covered, and how much you are covered for, depends on your particular policy.